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Our Heritage Story

Our story begans in 1999 when we starts with one small jewellery shop in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. From the very beginning, we established Kedai Emas Sri Tanah Merah as a unique brand that did things differently. After Established in 2003, we opened our first jewellery store in Bangi that quickly garnered popularity and gained a loyal followers. We are known as the 100% Bumiputera and the leader of jewellery company that offer free wage charge with high quality 916 gold. We also got our special manufacturing that only create and make our jewellery.

The Leader of Pure 916 Gold

As the industry leader in 916 Pure Gold jewellery, Kedai Emas Sri Tanah Merah boldly combines art and tradition, using state-of-the-art technology with immaculate craftsmanship to create the most stunning 916 Pure Gold jewellery pieces and collectibles available in the market today. With its immensely popular 916 Pure Gold Bridal collection and creative gift collections, the jeweler has revived great interest in the precious metal, and re-defined the art of gifting with its intricate jewellery that is conceptualized with inspirational stories behind each and every piece. Made to be loved, cherished and passed on for generations, each Kedai Emas Sri Tanah Merah piece is truly Beautifully Crafted.

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Our Speciality

Kedai Emas Sri Tanah Merah was created with the belief that the beauty, luxury and allure of high-quality jewellery should be attainable to all modern women. Putting great emphasis on innovation and design excellence, Kedai Emas Sri Tanah Merah quickly became known as the contemporary jewellery famed for its high quality and exquisitely beautiful jewellery. Kedai Emas Sri Tanah Merah is relentlessly dedicated to innovation and design. Each product is thoughtfully created, and set to revolutionize the way customers perceive how contemporary jewellery marries art and tradition.

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